Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Lost World (1925)

Today I am printing out even more articles to incorporate into the dissertation when I decide that it is high time for a break (ie some slackin'). So I surf on over to and, on a whim, decide to check out their free movies. To what did my wandering eye appear? The Lost World (1925) is located in the Sci-Fi section! Now, I love the book--and most anything else by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle--so I started it up and WOW! What a great film! So great I debated as to whether to review it here. It is a silent film--which I do enjoy--and is the first time stop action technique is used in the USA. Still, I think it may be appropriate, so smoke 'em if you got 'em and lets get to the review!

"Way ahead of you, Sparky!"

A budding new reporter is jilted by his fiance because she will only marry a man who can risk his life and "look danger in the eye". As luck would have it, a seemingly insane professor has returned from the Amazon with tales of living monster dinosaurs. Three reporters have been assaulted and sent packing by the crazed scientist and our hero is assigned to hear the lecture.

"Whoa! Danger has grumpy eyes!"

Instead of a lecture, the professor calls for another expedition to both prove his claims and rescue a man left behind. Sensing an opportunity to appease his fiance, the young reporter convinces the professor to allow him to participate. Soon he find himself one of a company that includes two scientist explorers, a big game hunter and the daughter of the man left behind.

Meet the Motley Crew

Oh, did I mention that the daughter of the man left behind is a young "Flapper Hottie" like Betty boop?

Flapper Hottie at Repose

Soon, the band navigate the Amazon river to find themselves trapped on the same plateau where Alma's dad was lost...

"That ain't Cleveland up there!"

...and discover that the natives are a little rambunctious!

"Mmm... Lunchables..."

Now, our heroes must find the lost explorer and escape the plateau...

(Cue mellow dramatic, suspenseful music here)

...before they become a tasty snack! Oooh! Scary!

"Roar, I say! Roar!"

Yeah, I liked this movie--alot! By todays standards the special effects are dated but they are still much less cheesey than many of the films reviewed on this blog. Although they do depart from the book, I liked the story and the plot made sense from a Victorian perspective. I forgot how much I like stop motion that is done well! Still, it did have one big, glaring error that drove me crazy: There is a chimpanzee running around a plateau in the Amazon. However, you cannot beat the price! Get over to and watch it for free. You will be glad you did.

Rating: 4.5 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob

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