Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pig Hunt (2008)

So Nancy and I are walking through Wal-Fart when what to her wandering eye did appear? Pig Hunt (2008)! Oh yes! From the cover art one can see that this movie must be a bad one. For instance, it is one of the Fangoria Frightfest movies. Also, its got an evil pig on the cover reveling in the bones of its enemies! What's not to love? Unfortunately, quite a bit. Lets get to the review.

A group of city-slickin' friends decide to go to a creepy old uncle's cabin deep in the forest and do some pig huntin'. Yeah, that always works out well.

"Squeal piggy!"

Naturally, the group runs afoul of the locals--a group of hillbilles led by a crazy gun-totin' preacher--and they find that they are the one's getting hunted.

"It's an eye for an eye, city slickers!"

Soon, they are on the run from the crazy locals only to discover that they might not be alone in the woods! I know, scary!!

"Where's yer bacon now, fat boy?"

Now, they are on the run from inbred vigilantes and a 3000 lb man-eating pig. As they navigate the terrors of the hellish forest, they encounter something a little unexpected...

"Say! That there's a pig-worshipin' lesbian love cult a smokin' weed!"

...and things turn a little ugly...

"Eeek! I'm a vegan!"

...and heads are gonna roll!

WARNING! Bad Joke Sighting!

Yeah, this movie is bad. The special effects are terrible, the action is needlessly gory and the nudity is the quintessential definition of "gratuitous". A lesbian love cult? Really?? On the other hand, the acting is terrible and the plot is laughable. You all know that I love bad movies but this one is not worth watching--even for free.

Rating: 1 Bite out of 5

-Safari Bob

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