Monday, March 21, 2011

War Gods of the Deep (1965)

Ah yes! It is time for another bad movie review! The other day Nancy and I took a break from the ever present thesis and dissertation that continue to loom and watched War Gods of the Deep. Nancy is a big fan of Vincent Price, that Magnificent Master of the Macabre, and she has been wanting to watch it for some time. Truly he has starred in so many films that are apropos for this blog! Now let's get to it!

When a slimy, gilled monster from the deep slinks into an old British mansion with a dark past to kidnap a beautiful young woman (Susan Hart), her rather monolithic boyfriend (Tab Hunter) rises to the challenge. Enlisting the aid of a walking stereotype of the British aristocrat (David Tomlinson) and his trusty hen sidekick (Herbert), Hunter sets off in search of his lady faire.

Trained Attack Hen at Repose

Soon the encounter a strange mad man who lives in an ancient city under the sea near the old mansion...

"I put the 'cool' in creepy!

...who likes his women drugged, bound and laid out on a trite stone altar!

"Not a bad first date!"

Now, Hunter and Herbert must rescue Jill by navigating the arcane , ancient labyrinth...

"So... where's the bar?"

...and the cold, deep sea (in primo Steampunk fashion)...

"I TOLD you to go BEFORE we left!"

...before a convenient volcano unleashes its hellish justice on the decadent denizens of the deep!

"I'm the last British volcano.Fear my crumpets!"

Yeah, this movie shows its age. The characters are all stereotypes for Saturday afternoon matinee. Still, I really enjoyed it. Sure the special effects are cheesy and the plot is completely inane but I harbor a nostalgic love this early sci-fi. Also, Herbert is my hero. Rent a copy, roast some popcorn (with real butter) and sit back while you escape into a worthy afternoon sci-fi classic.

Rating: 3 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob

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