Monday, April 5, 2010

Sasquatch Hunters (2005)

So the other night Nancy and I decided to match a movie--a bad movie mind you--and I pulled out Sasquatch Hunters. Nancy found this for $2 in bin at the closing video store and it was almost worth it. You know, I am old enough to remember the "bigfoot" craze of the '70's. He was everywhere! Everyone knew someone who knew someone who saw one once! Hell, he was even on The Six Million Dollar Man! Ah yes... good times... Now, let's get to it.

Four forest rangers lead two paleontology professors and their graduate student deep into the forests of Pacific Northwest in search of fossil evidence of a large creature that once existed in China. Yeah, another Chinese import scare.

As our intrepid heroes make their way deeper into the dense forest, they soon discover a graveyard filled with strange inhuman bones - the fabled Lost Sasquatch Graveyard of Death! Oh, and the caretaker ain't havin' any!

Luckily, they brought along Ranger Rick (Matt Lattimore aka the Tool Guy) to lead them out of the deadly deathtrap of Sasquatch death! Oooh! Scary!

The Tool Guy Gettin' it Done!

Yeah, this movie has issues: (1) they spent approximately $33 to have your neighbor's son make a 3 second CGI clip of a running Sasquatch that they use and reuse again, and again, and again, (etc.), (2) why did they need so many rangers to lead three people on a 2-day hike (apart from body count)? and (3) since when does Sasquatch dig pits? I mean, where did he get a shovel? Home Depot?

Still, this movie does have its moments. I love the monkey suits and watch out for bear traps! It's worth a cheap rental.

Rating: 1.5 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob

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