Sunday, May 16, 2010

Megasnake (2007)

Awww yeah! Its time for another exciting installment of Bad Movie Safari! Last night Nancy and I sat down to enjoy some bad movies and cheap pizza in order to celebrate her 4.0 this semester! (Yay! Way to go, Lady!). So we delved into the DVD library and found Megasnake (2007); another bad movie we found in the $3 bin at the closing Hollywood Video store. When I saw this movie I thought, "Oh HELL yeah! Big bad evil snake on the rampage...Daniel from Stargate...what's not to like?" Nancy seems to really like evil snake movies (one of her favorites is Vipers) and this one delivered. Let's get to it.

Deep in the Tennessee woods, a group of pentecostal worshipers enjoy their right to free religious assembly...

"Praise the Lord and pass the rattler!"

Les Daniels (aka Michael Shanks) lives with a fear of snakes. As a child, his father was killed during a snake-handling church service. Yeah, I know. Still, I have seen worse back stories.

"I'm a wounded warrior!"

Les' brother, a snake-handling preacher, looks for something new to bring to service this Sunday.

"Eat yer heart out, First Baptist Church!"

In doing so, he accidentally unleashes a rare, extremely deadly mythical snake.

"I got yer Baptist right here, preacher boy!

Soon, the snake escapes into the small town and lunch is served!

"Mmm... I love lunchables!"

Now, Les must overcome his paralyzing fear to help protect his small town against a growing, deadly Megasnake! Ooohh... scary!

"THAT'S gonna leave a mark!"

Overall, this movie is pretty good! The special effects are really good for the forum, the story really isn't too bad, and there are a couple of genuinely funny moments. Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks: (1) the acting is terrible (other than Michael Shanks) and (2) this movie is basically Gremlins in Tennessee--only not as good. The snake even comes with three rules that are ignored. Still, this movie is well worth owning for $3. If you get a chance to see it, do so.

Rating: 4 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob

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