Friday, May 28, 2010

Night of the Lepus (1972)

Oh yeah! It is time for yet another exciting bad movie review! The other night Nancy and I took a break from the joys and rigors of academia and watched Night of the Lepus; an older film about rampaging giant rabbits in the south west. When I first heard about this movie I immediately surfed over to Amazon and acquired a copy. I mean, what is not to love? FREAKIN' GIANT KILLER RABBITS!! Oh yeah, I knew this was going to be bad in that oh, so good way; life is good when the movies are bad!

Somewhere in the southwestern United States, a ranch is overrun by rabbits who are eating all the foliage and pitting the landscape with burrows that are a hazard to livestock. Unwilling to use poisons dangerous to the environment, a rancher asks two local research scientists for help.

"Y'all know anythin' 'bout rabbits?"

After collecting a few or the pesky rabbits for testing, the research scientists get to work on the problem.

"Let's pump 'em full of hormones. That'll teach 'em!"

Unfortunately, their daughter wants a furry friend who soon escapes and makes some new friends.

"I like you! I'm going to take you back to the ranch!"

After a few days, somebody notices something is amiss...

"Holy hoppin' hossenfefer!"

...and that terror has a new face!

"Where's yer Elmer Fudd now?"

Now, a ravenous pack of 150-pound hare-y monsters are on the rampage! Although the national guard uses guns, flames and dynamite to subtract them, these rampaging rabbits know how to multiply! How can the intrepid research scientists stop rabbits gone wild? Oooh.. scary...

Overall, I liked this movie. True, the special effects are bad but this movie was made in 1972. Yes, the daughter is creepy but this is the era of The Omen and children were often portrayed that way in the '70's. Still, I just love the idea of using normally harmless and endearing animals as monsters (I love Black Sheep for instance) and this movie does star DeForest Kelly (aka Bones on Star Trek). If you like schlocky monster movies (and we know you do), then this is worth picking up a copy for $5.

Rating: 3.5 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob


  1. You forgot to mention that Janet Leigh is in know, Psycho...and the mother of the delicious Jamie Lee Curtis?!