Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black Sheep

Do you like zombies? Do you like sheep? Are you Scottish? If you do, then this is the movie for you! When I heard about Black Sheep I just knew that it was going to be oh, so bad (but in that good way we all know and love). I mean, Wow! evil zombie sheep! How can you resist?

Deep in rural New Zealand, sheep-aphobic Harry is forced to return to the family farm years after witnessing the gruesome sheep-related accidental death of his father. After a $300 cab ride, he just needs to sign some papers to sell his rights to the farm to his brother (who is secretly genetically manipulating sheep in a hidden lab). Time is of the essence as Dolly, the new genetically superior sheep, is to be revealed to a group of potential investors at a gala on the farm! (Exciting, isn't it!)

Soon, it all goes wrong as the other sheep on the farm start acting strange; they seem to have developed a taste for blood! That's right! Where's your God now?!?!?

This is a great, bad movie that has it all! The special effects are gore-tastic (courtesy of Peter Jackson's WETA workshop) and the movie is riddled with dark humor that will make you groan while you squirm in your seat. What other movie can make you jump when the camera pans to the hallway to see this:

HEeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeee'sss DOLLY!

Other than good special effects and dark humor, this movie does offer some great moments. For instance, I love the scene when all the investors are enjoying the party until a herd of bloodthirsty sheep pour over the hill to raid and pillage! My favorite part, however, is the battle between a hippie vegan environmental activist and the reanimated sheep fetus he was trying to liberate!

Ah yes! Good times! If you love bad movies (and you know you do) then Black Sheep is well worth the rental price. Now, if it had Nazis, it might be perfect.

Rating: 4 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob

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