Monday, March 22, 2010


Last night Nancy and I enjoyed a Sunday night tradition: A bad movie and bad pizza from Little Caesars. You know, upon reflection Little Caesars pizza is a lot like bad movies: (1) its cheap ($5 for a cheese or pepperoni), (2) you hope that no one you know sees you with it, and (3) even if you wanted to, there is no where to sit and enjoy it where you get it (ie no theater release). But I digress.

So last night we watched Frankenfish, a movie that Nancy found at a closing video rental store for $2. I really hate seeing the local video rental stores going out of business; there are so many movies out there that seem to get little or no attention and I like cruising the aisles and reading the jackets. For instance, I had never heard of this movie but I am sure glad Nancy found it! I mean, mon Dieu! It's a freakin' Frankenstein fish! C'est si bon!

A big-town Medical Examiner is forced to go back to his Louisiana Bayou past when a fisherman is found floating half-eaten in the swamp. Alligator you ask? Oh no... if only...

A vicious school of genetically-engineered Asian Snakehead fish have escaped illegal import into the Louisiana Bayou. Local officials are baffled as they scramble to uncover the cause of carnage along the Cajun canals! Following a trail of mangled bodies along the river bank, our intrepid ME (local football hero made good) and his bikini-wearing biologist bombshell battle the bellicose bohemoths in the bayou boondocks!

Oooohhhh!!! Scccaarrryyy!!!

This schlocky film has it all! Big bad fish run amok, an annoying lawyer that needs a good comeuppance, a voodoo lady with a penchant for prognosticating impending peril, and a rich 'great white hunter' wanna be that pays the price for his lack of vision. Sharpen-up your sushi knife and fire-up the Netflix, this movie is great fun and worth the rental!

Rating: 3.5 Bites out of 5

-Safari Bob


  1. I own this movie. I think it's fantastic.

    The house shot her!

  2. LOL!! Yeah, I can't believe they killed her off like that, though.